Get to know Big Al Mack

Big Al is a businessman who always had a dream of owning his own restaurant and bar. He has done it all, beginning with owning his own mortgage-brokering firm, Al Mack & Associates. From there, Big Al bought himself a limousine and started First Impression Limousine Service. To promote his new business, Al would perform funny ads on air during the Kidd Kraddick’s morning show. After impressing Kidd with his creativity, including giving away a free ham to anyone who rented his limousine at one point, Kidd asked him to be a regular part of the show, and he has been entertaining us every morning ever since.


In 2007, while visiting his favorite city, Playa Del Carmen in Mexico, Big Al’s dream became a reality. After asking a friend if he knew of any bars for sale in the area, Big Al acquired The Beer Bucket in a deal sealed with a handshake. But Big Al wanted something closer to home, leading him to purchase The McKinney Avenue Tavern in 2009. Following the success (and fun) Big Al got from his first two restaurants, he was ready for a third location.


With his fourth restaurant, Big Al ventured outside of DFW. After his big popup party in 2015 in Waxahachie, Al realized he found the home for his newest venture.